Helden der Region

Am 04.10.2019 verlieh Wirtschaftskammerpräsident Josef Herk gemeinsam mit Landeshauptmann Hermann Schützenhöfer den vom Wirtschaftsbund ins Leben gerufenen „Helden der Region-Award“. Michael Regner wurde in der Kategorie #Tradition für seine großartigen Leistungen für die Region Murtal zum „Helden der Region“ gekürt.


Pastry Regner in the Kleine Zeitung

Shortly before Easter 2019 an article about our company appeared in the Kleine Zeitung.

Article as PDF file >>

Our new Easter assortment is here!

We know how the rabbit runs! Whether sitting bunny or laughing bunny, rabbit lollipop or rabbit chocolate: here is something for every taste. You can also browse through our filled chocolate eggs - available in various packaging and variants. Visit us in our Easter paradise in Seckau, we look forward to seeing you.

Sugar baker ball 2019

Our employees Michael Schaflinger and Klaudia Zündel created for the Zuckerbäcker Award in the context of the sugar bakery ball 2019 show pieces of chocolate on the subject of "wildlife". Left: Michael's parrot and Klaudia's cat

Extension confectionery

We are pleased that in the summer of 2018 we were able to expand our business with a 100 m² confectionery area. Now you can enjoy our fine gingerbread and our fine chocolate balls next to our Seckauer gingerbread. Be curious about our Easter assortment! We get taste rolling

Valentinas chocolate cream

The palmfat-free chocolate cream from the 13-year-old Valentina is produced in our house. At the moment she is not only "full in the mouth"

A few links:

Radio Steiermark

The chocolate cream is available in the varieties whole milk, espresso and white with poppy seeds. Please direct your orders to Mrs. Yvonne Rehklau:

400 years Schwarzenberg in Murau

The Schwarzenbergtorte comes from the house of Regner ...

For the 400th anniversary of the Schwarzenberg dynasty we can deliver the dessert to the Schwarzenbergtafel which will take place in Murau on the 15th and 16th of July. However, not only for the dinner, but also during the exhibition (until 14 October 2017) there will be this Schwarzenberg dessert in Murau at the Egidiwirt and the Gasthof Lercher in Murau.

From the 13th of August, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the Prince of Schwarzenberg, the Schwarzenbergtorte will officially be in business. But what is actually in this Schwarzenbergtorte ??

A chocolate base with almonds and without flour as base. On top of that, a kernel of dark chocolate mousse wrapped in a bilberry cream with blueberry pieces. The whole thing embedded in velvety blue-sprayed chocolate.

Our coffee house in a new style

After a short renovation period we were able to reopen our restaurant on Palmsamstag 2016 in new splendor.

A new modern style where young and old feel comfortable and like to come to enjoy coffee, cake or our homemade ice cream.

Come and feel at home in the house Regner in Seckau!

Award of the province of Styria

On July 4, 2014, we received the highest award that a company in Styria can receive from the state. We now have the right to manage the Styrian coat of arms and are very proud of it.

A big thank you for this great award and recognition! Thanks also to all our great employees, they are the pillars of our company!

BBC in the Seckauer-Gingerbread bakery

The British television BBC visited with the Hairy Bikers in summer 2011, the best culinary art in Austria. Also with us they found themselves and looked at the gingerbread baking more closely.

At Easter 2012, this post watched approximately 5 million viewers inside the BBC's main evening program.

By the way, the Hairy Bikers stated that they liked the tour through Austria best.

Opening ceremony of our new bakery

On July 29, 2011, after a year of construction, we opened our new bakery. 500 guests celebrated this opening with us.

246/5000 On the Open Day, July 30th, around 3,000 foodies and sweet toothers from far and wide came to experience and enjoy the delicious gingerbread and confectionery products produced in the new Seckauer gingerbread bakery.

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